Vooty Golf County

Vooty Golf County is South India’s pioneer golf course. The chairman Mr Santosh Reddy brought his idea to life in the year 2016 and has been on the road to success ever since. After a lot of hard work and research, Mr Reddy began this journey and hadn’t looked back. His ambition has always been to give the visitors and golfers at Vooty an impeccable golfing experience. An experience people will talk positively about and never forget.

In the year 2016, the first nine holes had been constructed just in a span of 250 days and later went on to become the ultimate 18 hole golf course. The golf course has been fully functional since early 2019 and ever since it has drawn the attention of many international and national level golfers. All the visitors had positive reviews, especially about the amenities and natural beauty the county is surrounded by.

Vooty Golf County is not just limited to being a golf course. The landscape is home to a mix of several different things. It is a golf course, golf club, golf resort as well as a clubhouse. It also has a dedicated area for plots that will be used for residential purpose.

Vooty Golf County covers 196 acres and is a beautiful combination of a golf course, golf club, golf resort, a lavish clubhouse and residential plots and properties right next to the golf course.

The golf course covers 102 acres, the resort covers 10 acres and finally, the residential properties span an area of 84 acres.

Vooty is located in Vikarabad that is in an hours distance from Hyderabad. It is this location that makes the county so remarkable and attractive. When you enter the county you are surrounded by breathtaking views of the frondescence.

The close manicure of the fairways and greens are spread across the vast land of the county never interrupting your tranquillity. .

The place is almost bereft of pollution, the temperature is 5-6 degrees lesser in comparison to Hyderabad and is away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The golf course is an 18 hole golf course and has Par 3,4 and 5. Par 3 covers holes 162-214 yards, par with 300-475 yards and par 5 covering 511-556 yards.

It has been designed by leading international members who have the expertise in golf course design, architecture and project management.

With world experts like the Pacific Coast Design, an Australian golf course design company with more than 30 years of experience, Global Golf India, who helped in the project management aspects of the construction of the course, TORO, who helped in the irrigation with their advanced turf machinery and Naveen Associates, who are experts in landscape architecture.

Life at Vooty is luxurious, practical and peaceful while also being easily accessible. When you think of golf think of Vooty.

2019 Vooty Golf County